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Amsterdam Light Festival
A response to the ‘Call for Concepts’ Amsterdam Light Festival competition brief.
Project Description

A response to the ‘Call for Concepts’ competition brief which forms the first submission phase of the Amsterdam Light Festival. This year’s theme is inspired by McLahan’s (1964) premise that ‘the medium is the message.’

Our concept responds to the premise that light, like society, has the ability to shape our environment(s). Our naivety surrounding the anthropogenic causes of climate change can be largely attested to both ignorance and a lack of exposure to such impacts first-hand.

The proposal strives to challenge this ignorance by drawing upon the power of motion. Users can physically interact with the artwork in a way that visually conveys our disruption to the natural equilibrium of our ecosystems. With this in mind, it employs light as a “medium that shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and action” (McCluham, 1964).

A large, illuminated globe lies tilted upon the ground. Upon detection of human presence, a central core of lights will intensify according to proximity to represent the detriment we pose. This transmission of light will deliver a powerful message of awareness, raising questions and engaging viewers of all backgrounds without relying on spoken or written communication.

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Amsterdam Light Festival