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Lui Pollastrone
Technologist - BSc (Hons) ACIAT
Project Description

Lui PollastoneLui is an Architectural Technology and Design graduate from the University of the West of England. Lui joined ECE Westworks in 2016 and has since gained vast experience in a range of different sectors and has a keen interest in the technical side of architecture.

Whilst at university and during his professional career, he has invested a lot of time into understanding new technologies in the construction industry such as the fast growing BIM environment, which he is now implementing into his professional working life and constantly looking at ways to work in a more efficient and productive way.

Key Projects

Newry Walk (Value: £750k)
10 West Psychology Building, Bath University*
Wiltshire College*
Hinkley Workers Campus*
66 Queen Square*
Bristol Grammar School*
* Project delivered prior to ECE Westworks