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Katan Amin

Architectural Assistant  BS (Hons) MArch


Katan is an ardent architect driven by sustainability and the creation of transformative spaces. With a background in both undergraduate and MArch degrees from the University of West England, Katan's mission is to craft beautiful and innovative environments that inspire fresh perspectives and simplify daily life.


Currently focusing on the hotel sector at ECE Westworks, Katan is applying expertise to elevate guest experiences. Simultaneously, on the path to becoming a RIBA Chartered Architect, Katan's commitment to professional growth is unwavering. With an eye for sustainability and a passion for redefining spaces, Katan's designs promise to leave a lasting impact, both visually and functionally.

W0683_Zeal Hotel_EXT View 02.jpg
W0683_Zeal Hotel_EXT View 04.jpg
W0683_Zeal Hotel_EXT View 01.jpg
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